- Our Vision

Never be more than one hour away from a sick child

Many towns and villages in South Africa are located far from critical care facilities. When a child falls ill or gets injured, the agony of waiting for help can be prolonged, forcing them to wait for hours, and in some cases, even days. Ground ambulances can only cover a distance of 100km (approximately 60 miles), and often, the roads or terrain can be challenging to navigate. When a ground ambulance needs to travel beyond this 100km limit, a child may be left waiting without comfort or care for an unbearable amount of time.

In critical medical situations, it is truly distressing to feel completely helpless. In their desperation, the child might receive “assistance” that could exacerbate the situation, making matters even more serious.

Required Funds

Your donation can help us fund the acquisition of the helicopters we need to achieve our vision of never being more than one hour away from a sick child. The funds raised will be used to equip a base with either the H145 or AW169, helicopters commonly used in air emergency medical service operations.

Going The Distance

A helicopter can cover approximately 200-250 kilometers within an hour. That’s roughly equivalent to to 120-160 miles. Further, a fixed wing aircraft can cover 850km within the golden hour. That’s roughly 530 miles.


All children, irrespective of financial status, in need of urgent care and transportation, living within the 60-minute operational (road or air) radius of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital and the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

Our Foundation

The 1CC Foundation was incorporated in 2018 as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Cape Medics EMS, with our primary focus being to reach sick and injured children within the golden hour.

Make a Difference

Your contribution will make a big difference to help us make our vision a reality