Your donation contributes to transporting children ranging from premature birth to 14 years of age. It ensures they receive the highest quality of care, utilising state-of-the-art equipment for life-saving Quaternary care.

Yes – You can claim back tax (18A tax certificate) if you donate or have donated R500 or more. Need more information? Contact us:

An 18A tax certificate is typically associated with charitable donations and is issued by a registered nonprofit organization or charity in some countries, such as South Africa. It is not a universal term and its meaning may vary from one jurisdiction to another. In the South African context, an 18A tax certificate is used to certify that a donation made to a qualifying nonprofit organization is tax-deductible for the donor.

Your donations support a free critical care ambulance service for families from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly infants and children. By donating, you provide these young patients with the best possible care at no cost to their families, easing their financial burden during challenging times.

The minimum donation amount is R50.

We currently have two operational bases. One is located in Johannesburg, situated on the premises of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, and the other operational base is in Cape Town.

There are several ways to contribute. Direct donations go towards purchasing medical equipment, consumables, and operational service fees, which directly enable life-saving efforts. Additionally, creating awareness by sharing information about us and our work on various social media platforms greatly helps spread the word about our cause.

We currently serve two prominent children’s hospitals in South Africa: the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital and the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. Our goal is to extend our service to cover the entirety of South Africa, a vision that includes the acquisition of a helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft.

Following our expansion in South Africa, we have a vision to collaborate with Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital in Kenya and Cairo University Children’s Hospital in Egypt. These partnerships would establish bases for us to extend our services across the entirety of Africa, ensuring critical care within the Golden hour.

Make a Difference

Your contribution will make a big difference to help us make our vision a reality