- Our Aim

$30million is needed yearly to operate the 1st of its kind hospital ship. $300million enables us to provide coverage for years to come.

In a world marred by conflict, natural disasters, and social unrest, access to quality healthcare often eludes those who need it most. Our NGO recognizes the pressing healthcare needs in the Mediterranean region, particularly in conflict-ridden areas. This proposal outlines our vision to acquire a hospital ship dedicated to providing immediate, life-saving medical care to children in these regions.

- A Beacon Of Hope

This hospital ship serves as a beacon of hope, symbolising our commitment to universal healthcare

Specialised facilities include surgical units, paediatric care, neonatal intensive care, and comprehensive radiology and lab suites. Our mobility empowers swift responses to humanitarian crises, facilitating not only medical aid delivery but also humanitarian support like food and clean water. Collaboration with international organisations amplifies our impact, ensuring comprehensive healthcare services in complex environments.