Internship Programme

Improving access to skilled work for young people in Mozambique

CD Parks strives to improve access to skilled work for young people in Mozambique. Internships double the probability of gaining fulltime employment and since 2018 MozYouth has delivered over 1000 internship positions in the private sector.

MozParks and MozYouth Foundation

Working with MozParks and the MozYouth Foundation, CD Parks has developed a range of programmes with development assistance partners to meet these challenges.

MozYouth Programme

Bridging the gap between education and employment

Through the MozYouth programme young people will be placed in paid internships in private companies located at each site in the CD Parks network. This critical experience enables them to bridge the gap between and education and employment. The program has been designed according to international best practice and has been supported by the UK, German and Swiss governments.  Employers value the flexibility to recruit entry-level talent in a time and cost-efficient manner.

A Call To Action

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